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Shawl and Scarf Tying Techniques According to Your Face Shape: Practical Guide

Clothes, colors and combinations are of great importance among the elements that make up your clothing style. However, in addition to these elements, accessories that complement your style and strengthen your personal expression are equally important. Shawls and scarves are the most important accessories for hijab-wearing women. In addition to determining the style of an outfit, completing the combination with the right shawl selection is also very critical. A well-chosen shawl can highlight not only your style but also your skin tone and combination.

The way you tie the shawl used every day affects not only the appearance but also how your day will go and how you will feel. So, how can you match a shawl with your outfit and strengthen your style? First of all, the color and pattern of the shawl should match the outfit you are wearing. For example, if you chose a plain outfit, you can add movement to your combination by choosing a patterned shawl. Color selection should be compatible with your skin, which will make you look more vibrant and healthy. Shawls that match both dresses and tunics make you look stylish.

Learning a few basic techniques for tying a shawl can make it easier for you to create a different style every day. There are many options, from a simple knotting technique to more complex and aesthetically pleasing tying techniques. With these techniques, you can enrich your style by tying a shawl that suits your mood that day or the outfit you are wearing. Choosing shawls and scarves is an important part of reflecting your personal style. By thinking about how you want to express yourself, you can complement your clothes with the right color and pattern choices and gain the freedom to create a different style every day.

Just as it is important to choose a shawl that suits the outfit combination you choose, it is also important that the shawl you choose suits your face shape. You can't even imagine how much the shawl you use every day, which you tie at random or through hearsay, can change you when you tie it differently according to your face shape. For this reason, before tying the shawl, you should determine your face type and tie your shawl accordingly. Let's examine the shawl tying techniques according to face shapes!

How to Tie a Shawl for Women with Oval Faces?

Women with oval faces can use various shawl tying techniques to maintain the natural balance of their facial features. They can create a unique style by applying these tying techniques with different fabric types such as silk shawls , cotton shawls and crepe shawls . The release technique is ideal for women with oval faces who have a wide chin, forehead and cheeks. By gently wrapping the shawl around the shoulders or neck, you can highlight facial features with their natural beauty.

Using the half-knot technique, placing the shawl on the side or to one side is also a nice way to emphasize oval facial features. You can add mobility and dynamism to facial features by tilting the shawl to one side with asymmetrical tying. While multi-layered binding adds depth to oval faces, it is important to be careful not to exaggerate.

By leaving the shawl on the front of the neck with the forward tying technique, you can focus on your facial features and further emphasize the oval form. These tying techniques can be applied harmoniously with different types of fabrics, such as silk shawls, cotton shawls and crepe shawls. Since each woman's style is different, you can achieve a look that suits your personal style by choosing one of these techniques.

How to Tie a Shawl for Women with Square Faces?

Women with square faces attract attention with their pronounced chin and forehead lines. To balance these lines and achieve a softer look, shawl tying techniques offer women with square faces various options. The side low tying technique tilts the shawl to one side, adding softness to facial features and can balance prominent jawlines. The forward tying method allows you to focus on facial features by leaving the shawl at the front of the neck. It is possible to achieve a long look, especially by leaving the ends of the shawl loose.

Multi-layer binding can be used to make prominent jaw lines appear softer, but it is important to be careful not to make the layers too thick. The half knot technique, tying one end of the shawl in a half knot, adds movement to facial features and emphasizes the prominent jaw line in an interesting way. The hanging-on-the-shoulders method gives a natural fluidity to the facial features by leaving the shawl freely on the shoulders, which balances the prominent lines and creates a more elegant appearance. Every woman's face shape is different, so it's important to adapt the style of shawl tying to your personal preferences and the clothes you wear. By using the trial and error method, you can find the shawl tying technique that best suits your style.

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How to Tie a Shawl for Round Faced Women?

Women with round faces can achieve a more balanced look by tweaking their facial features and skillfully using shawl tying techniques. First of all, it is possible to optically lengthen the face by combining the shawl in the chest area with the "V" neck tying technique. Another option, side tying, can tilt the shawl to one side, pulling the face sideways and balancing the rounded look.

Layered tying creates vertical lines in the neck area of ​​the shawl, making the face appear longer. If you have a large rectangular shawl, you can use it to optically frame the face and create an elongated look. The technique of using a long shawl makes the face look longer by hanging the ends of the shawl forward. Thus, you can balance the round lines and gain a more elegant appearance.

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